GIZMOWANNAHAVES Announces New Exclusive Distributor for the Nordic Retail Market


Hong Kong, June 7th 2013


GIZMOWANNAHAVES proudly announces new distribution agreement for the Nordic Retail Market with Eiikon ApS in Denmark.


designer and manufacturer of trendsetting portable electronic products officially launched the first collection of products, such as Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth iPad keyboards, several months ago. GIZMO focuses on creating products by applying a unique and unparalleled combination of European design & engineering, passion and feel for detail without compromising quality. GIZMO products are true wanna haves!


Being a compact group of technology specialists sharing a passion for bringing the product offerings of unique brands to the market, with a proven track record, makes Eiikon a perfect partner for setting up our distribution in Scandinavia  says Armand van Oord, Creative Director and Co-Founder of GIZMOWANNAHAVES.


Eiikon ApS., currently holds a growing portfolio of brands with iconic potential for whom they are exclusive Retail distributor in Scandinavia as well as the whole of Europe.


“We are a small company, but this only means we try harder and we only dedicate our resources to a select range of products. This makes us the best possible partner for anyone wanting to build their brand in the Nordic countries and anyone aiming for an iconic legacy in the history books.” says Jakob Ludvigsen, CEO of Eiikon



GIZMOWANNAHAVES is a young innovative company dedicated to making trendsetting portable electronic products.

Founded in 2012 by former pioneers from the consumer electronics industry, including the original design manager from boynq, GIZMO  products will enhance the user experience of your current electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

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Eiikon aims to build exclusive distribution agreements with unique brands from all over the world with an iconic potential. We are a group of dedicated individuals based in Denmark and we all share the fascination of the opportunities that especially smartphones and tablets give us in our everyday life. Consumers across the world share this fascination and we strive to bring them the most innovative products to their favorite local stores.

“We benefit from years of experience within the world of consumer electronics, which has provided us with a unique and invaluable global network.” Besides this sustainable competitive advantage, the individuals behind eiikon also possess years of experience within sales, logistics, marketing and product support.

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